“Better quality of life through health improvements & cleaner power quality”

Experts in shielding homes & offices from undesired harmful levels of electromagnetic fields emitting from your electronic devices and wireless gadgets.

Maya Electronics Solutions came together in 2011 to pinpoint and eliminate all of the artificial man-made electromagnetic frequencies emitting from the latest electronic devices and wireless gadgets.

We do that ENSURING that you can still enjoy the latest technology without having to change your lifestyle, or pay for any health consequences that the World Health Organization recommends precaution for.

We spent several years having the opportunity to witness and experience how the disruption of the earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies has negatively influenced our immune systems. The evidence is robust and the research clearly outlines the causes and the effects.

We provide the solutions: better quality of living through health improvements and cleaner power quality.

Maya Electronics Solutions are the exclusive distributors of Stetzer Electric, USA  and Gigahertz Solutions, Germany  in the Middle East & North Africa region.  We sell a wide range of measuring devices for low and high frequencies for both expert and home use, as well as protective shielding products that reduce or completely eliminate harmful exposures emitting from sources from within your space, and coming from outside into your space.


We Check. We Measure. We Reduce Your Exposure. We Double-Check & Re-Measure. We Shield You From Invasive Undesired Energy.



Quality Services for Quality Products

Call us or email us  for an appointment to come check if your office or home is contaminated with electrical pollution and wireless radiation. We can reduce your exposure today!

  • We first measure the electrical pollution present in the wiring of your home/office, and show you the levels visually. Then, we install the Stetzer filters  if needed and demonstrate to you how the levels have been reduced to the required and safe levels.
  • Next, we check for wireless radiation coming from wireless routers installed around your space, as well as from communication towers outside of your home. We do that with our state-of-the-art High Frequency devices . If the levels are high, we recommend to you Gigahertz Protective Solutions : shielding curtains, bed canopies, paint, floor mats, and more!

➢ We visually demonstrate to you before and after effects of our protective solutions through the FlukeView Oscilloscope device we have, as well as our LF + HF measurement devices

Our survey for your home is only completed when both you and us are sure that we have reduced your exposure to frequencies that may be causing negative health symptoms .

If you are not located in Bahrain, no worries! We do 15-30 minute Phone Consultations or Skype demonstrations to show you how you can check for electrical pollution and wireless radiation yourself!

You can either buy or rent our measurement devices for this procedure. It is simple and we will be there to guide you step-by-step!