Electrical pollution is not something you can see, smell, taste or touch. That is why a lot of us tend to ignore its’ existence.

Since it is something difficult to be aware of, it is important to understand its’ effects by monitoring frequency levels in your environment, and then try to reduce your exposure and your family’s exposure as much as you can.

Electric and magnetic fields are emitted from electrical devices, or anything that uses electricity. The human body can easily adapt to the 60 Hz power needed to provide our homes with electricity. However, our use of common electronic devices are increasing, and we have come to require multiple frequencies of 60 Hz, causing high frequency signals or “noise” from the wiring of buildings and houses.

This “noise” or high frequency signals on the wiring is what we call electrical pollution. Our general wellbeing is challenged when we are constantly exposed to such frequencies. These high frequencies generated by common electronic devices can be measured on the wiring of homes and buildings.

Dr. Martin Graham stated,

High frequency voltage can cause currents to flow in humans by direct contact, or by ‘capacitive coupling’. The effects on humans will depend on the magnitude, waveform, duration, and path taken through the body. The voltage causing these currents should be considered a pollutant 

Indoor Exposure- possible sources from inside your home that can produce electrical pollution:

Electrical appliances:

Common electrical appliances such as plasma TVs, computers, printers, refrigerators and other household appliances, are major sources of internal exposure to high frequency signals or electrical pollution.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) & Energy-Efficient lighting:

Other major sources are CFL bulbs, dimmer switches and halogen lamps. CFL bulbs contain mercury vapor and have high radio wave frequencies, which make them dangerous. Dimmer switches also produce electrical pollution because they require a transformer to convert the voltage. This conversion creates high frequency signals on the wiring and causes the electrical current to be interrupted.


Outdoor Exposure- possible sources from outside your home that can cause electrical pollution within your home:

Wires on high voltage transmission towers:

Wires on high voltage transmission towers can also act as antennas because they re-radiate energy, possibly leading to higher electricity bills. When radio frequency signals is absorbed by power lines, it produced electrical pollution. This means that even if the radiation coming in through the windows is blocked, the radio frequency from outside will still radiate on the power lines.

Neighbors and their use of electricity:

Neighbors also influence the electrical health of our work or home environment. Most of us think that the extent of danger from wireless radiation and electrical pollution is confined to our own choice of lifestyle and utilization of modern appliances and wireless technologies. What we forget to consider is that the wires in our home and office have become like a channel for dangerous levels of high frequencies that overload the electrical grid system, which provides electricity to our neighbors as well.

Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic stress relates to the earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency, and is caused when that natural frequency is disturbed by electromagnetic fields created throughout construction phases, such as mineral concentrations, underground cavities, underground cooling systems, fault lines, and more. For over 70 years, medical doctors have observed that Geopathic Stress lowers the immune system.