Residents ponder effects of mobile towers

Dubai: A new legal challenge in India calling for the ban on construction of mobile phone towers on residential buildings is resonating with residents in Dubai who live near or under towers emitting electromagnetic radiation.

Following a report by an inter-ministerial committee in India helmed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that recommends barring mobile phone towers on residential buildings, residents in Dubai are questioning the wisdom of mega antennae positioned so close to their residences.

Indian expat banker Satyam Chibber has lived in Dubai for 15 years and until recently never worried about his health until he shifted to the top level of a residential tower in Bur Dubai only to learn afterwards that the rooftop housed not one but three mobile phone towers.

“My wife is now suffering from migraine headaches and the doctor has given her migraine medicine. Our neighbour’s wife is also suffering from migraines,” he told Gulf News, adding that so far, he has suffered no ill effects since the move.


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