High-pass filter HP800-G3

BRAND: Gigahertz Solutions

The HP800 increases the measuring accuracy when measuring with the log.-per. antenna in combination with the extremely broad band devices HFE35C and HF59B(Filter included in the scope of supply of the HFE59B).

The log.-per. antennas are sensitive also for individual frequencies below the specified frequency range. These can be successfully suppressed with the filter, which in turn allows a significantly improved analysis of the measurements with a log.-per. antenna, as the measurements are not impaired by unidentified interference signals.

  • - This filter helps suppress the lower frequencies. It reaches an attenuation of more than 50 dB (= factor 100,000) below 600 MHz.
  • - All Gigahertz analyzers specified above 800 MHz already come with a similar filter integrated in the basic device. This integration naturally makes no sense for the HFE-types.
  • - Adaptor plug to be connected to the antenna input socket.
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