Service-specific frequency filter FF6

BRAND: Gigahertz Solutions

Additional features compared to the FF3:

  • - The 50-60 dB suppression of unwanted frequencies is unequalled in this product segment. It allows for a precise analysis of the selected frequency ranges.
  • - An additional high pass filter applied at 1100 MHz helps differentiating in areas wit high levels in the TV bands.
  • - To be connected between the antenna cable and the antenna input socket of the measuring device (by the operator).
  • - Cascadable with all amplifiers and attenuators.
  • - Also allows for a broadband measurement without additional transmission loss, which means the filter can remain attached to the device. Perfectly shielded against interferences. Possible exposures to sheath currents on the cable behind the filter can be additionally suppressed with the help of a free of charge modification of your HF-device. Scope of delivery: filter, RG58 coaxial cable, tightening aid, manual, charger.
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