Demonstration kit “Profi” DK20

BRAND: Gigahertz Solutions

A complete selection of useful demonstration items. Important for courses, lectures, trade fairs, or explanations during house examinations.
50% discount for all who work related to the electrosmog subjects, be it as a building biologist, be it in healing or teaching professions. (Proof required, can be ordered only once per person)

Scope of delivery: 1 demand switch demo set NA-­‐DEMO, 10 polarization gaugers MFP, 3 shielded socket lines SLS4000, 2 low-­‐heat device power cables KAS-­‐0006, 1 meter squared shielding material N-­‐80, 1 low radiation headset for mobiles, 1 set of adapters, 1 aluminum case.

The COMPLETE range at a worthwhile pricepoint

  • Are you absolving a building biology, communication, electrosmog training and looking for a customized set for the start of your career?
  • Do you just want to be on the safe side? Are you electrosensitive?
  • Do you have special demands?

Whichever the case-­‐ just send us an email with your special choice of devices, and we will be pleased to calculate a special individual set offer for you!

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