3D-Magnetic field analyzer with data logger NFA 30M

BRAND: Gigahertz Solutions

Allows long-term measurements as required in the standard values for bedrooms (SBM). It is based on a superior concept for efficient data acquisition of magnetic fields, extensive long-term recordings of all relevant parameters and an easier interpretation and documentation of the acquired data. The photo shows the optically identical NFA 1000, as a photo of this device is not yet available.  Features:

  • - 3D measurement in a truly isotropic point.
  • - Separate recording of railway and grid frequency as well as higher harmonics with true RMS valuation (16.6 Hz | 50/60 Hz | 100/120 Hz plus even harmonics | 150/180 Hz plus uneven harmonics | other frequencies < 2 kHz | all > 2 kHz).
  • - Measures 110,000 samples per second, the maxima of which are recorded up to 10 times per second on the 4 GB SDHC memory card supplied. Due to the simultaneous and continuous sampling of frequency and axis information you won't miss even the smallest peaks.
  • - Voice recording of audio notes to facilitate measurement and interpretation of recordings→ Input jack to record an external HF-Analyzer.
  • -  Supplied with revolutionary PC evaluation software: Super fast real-time presentation, statistic functions (e.g. 95. percentile), analysis tool for "Dirty Power".
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