Bed canopy box shape for single bed ST-Silver-Tulle YS-BTE

BRAND: Gigahertz Solutions

Fabric Silver-Tulle: Our high-end fabric with a  maximum high attenuation! Reasonable light- and air permeability, mechanically stable, crease resistant. By comparison to its predecessor fabrics Curtain/Dali (they lose the attenuation fast) perfectly wash resistant! Disadvantage: Due to the 20 % silver content only the price. Attenuation 
50 dB at 1 GHz. Groundable, all canopies with ground connection socket.
Box shape for single beds: This box shaped canopy offers a spacious ambience. For single beds up to 120 cm width. Bed-making is easily possible without lifting the canopy away. Disadvantage: The mounting is not possible at roof pitches. Measures: Width 120 cm, depth 220 cm, height 220 cm. Entry: One 50 cm overlapping opening. Mounting: By four points on the ceiling. Any kinds of bars can be inserted in the sewed fabric tunnel to stabilize the canopy installation. Exception: Perspective is too filigree and has no tunnel! Scope of supply: Canopy, mounting accessories.

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