Grounding set for nettings, fleeces, canopies YS-ESV+

BRAND: Gigahertz Solutions

Universal grounding set for loosely laid nettings, fleeces, etc.  Like grounding set ESV, plus our grounding plug EPS for the connection to CEE-7/4 power sockets. Has to be grounded by a licensed electrician! As an alternative one grounding plug can be connected directly to our grounding set ES (already installed in the room).
Many of our grounding components and products can be directly connected to each other with our grounding cables EK! We use stiff closing, very stable sockets and press studs normally used in the boat-building.

If local grounding rules stipulates mechanical stability, the plugs can be mechanically fixed, so that they cannot be detached without tools.

2 metal plates 40 x 40 x 3 mm with conductive fleece backside;
4 cable fixers;
5 m cable 2,5 mm² with 2 grounding plugs (EK500);
Plug for CEE-7/4 power sockets;
3.5 mm screw to tightly fix the plug with the power socket

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