We live in a wireless age where necessity and convenience call for proximity to communication towers for full mobile phone reception, wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi, Wimax), cordless phones, wireless baby monitors, blue-tooth headsets and more.

The importance of wireless technology in our family and work life is growing on a daily basis, and with the acquirement with any of the latest technologies. We have to admit, all of these wireless make our life much easier. However, when other variables of wireless technology are taken into consideration, a number of issues come to matter regarding our health and general wellbeing.

Microwave / Radio Frequency Radiation:

In May 2010, the World Health Organization released a 10-year study about microwave radiation from cellphones and cancer rates. They announced a significant truth: exposure to microwave radiation can be cancerous.

Most of our wireless devices use microwave radiation to operate. Dr. Magda Havas says that, “the way microwaves function is similar to the way light functions”. Dr. Magda Havas is a renowned International expert on electromagnetic radiation.

Microwave energy can be transmitted through objects like windows, reflected off of mirrors, blocked by metals, and focused through a proper magnification glass. Microwave radiation can also be an absorber, as it does in microwave ovens. Metals can act as a shield against microwave radiation if the radiation is coming from the opposite side of the metal shield. However, if the microwave energy is not coming from the opposite side of the metal shield, it can intensify the radiation by reflecting against the metal and radiating off of it, as would occur with light.

Indoor exposure to Microwave Radiation – possible sources of high electromagnetic frequencies in your home:

Mobile phones: The questions revolving around mobile phone safety have increased in importance as more studies have come to prove that the current standards to microwaves during mobile phone use is unsafe, in terms of long-term exposure, and must be revised. As Dr. Havas observes in her studies of brain tumors and their association to mobile phone usage, “Brain tumors usually develop in 20-30 years, and the fact they develop more rapidly when they are associated to mobile phone usage, tells us something!”

Radio FM Transmission: Radio frequency of radio FM transmission is another source of microwave radiation, especially when a certain radio station has not properly filtered their transmitters and radiates on wiring. This happens when we hear a radio station during a phone call.

Cordless DECT phones: A DECT phone is a major source of indoor exposure to microwave radiation, because it sends and receives radiation as long as it is plugged in, whether or not it is being used. Cordless DECT phones are more dangerous than mobile phones, which only radiate if they are in use.

Other sources: Touch-screen cellphone watches, wireless Internet routers, Wi-Fi hot-spots such as in hotels, and Wimax technology. Wimax emits more radiation than Wi-Fi because of its’ powerful antenna with a radius of 50 Km.

Outdoor exposure to Microwave Radiation- possible sources of high electromagnetic frequencies coming in your home from outside:

Smart meters: A recent development in the electrical industry is the Smart Meter. Smart meters are based on wireless technology and are designed to allow the electrical utility to know how much electricity each household is using on a minute-by-minute basis. The smart meter sends a signal to the nearest antenna, which is then sent to the electrical utility.

Mobile phone towers / Communication masts: Mobile phone towers are surrounding our homes and work areas, especially those that have various antennas installed on them. Most antennas are placed on high-voltage transmission towers for cost-effectiveness among communication providers. However, it could pose health risks because the wires connected to the transmission tower also act as antennas for that radio frequency. We know that because when we take a meter and go along the transmission wire, we are able to see that it is radiating on the same frequency as the location of the antenna.